12141810_1645756605707095_7837391264457624300_nSpreadthesign is a free international online sign language dictionary, which aims on making all sign languages of the world accessible.

At this moment the dictionary has more than more than 25 national sign languages represented from five continents and contains over 200 000 signs/words, from which about 15 000 is in Estonian/Estonian Sign Language. The dictionary includes vocabulary about various professions, general education and everyday life. Besides the signs, there can also be found explanatory video files, word explanations, pictures and sound for learning the pronunciation of words. Between 2015-2018 also an European level web platform (https://spreadlesson.com/) for teachers of the Deaf to share their expertise and teaching materials as well as a Google Map function to the dictionary was created.

The coordinating organisation of the project is the European Sign Language Center (Europeiskt Teckenspråk Center) from Sweden and besides KLÕPS, it involves partners from different Deaf or sign language related organisations and schools from Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, Great Britain, Austria, Portugal, Czech Republic and Turkey.

In 2018 a new 3-year longErasmus+ supported project was started, which aims on adding 360-degree interactive pictures to the Spreadthesign dictionary.

The Spreadthesign teams at a meeting in Sweden in 2018

Check out the Spreadthesign dictionary web page: www.spreadthesign.com

From the web page it is also possible to download the dictionary mobile app  (https://play.google.com/store/apps/→ Spread Signs).

spread app2        Spread app

The mobile app of the Spreadthesign dictionary

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