KLÕPS became a member of FEAPDA

The new year started out for us with positive and long awaited news – our association became a member of FEAPDA, The European Federation of Associations of Teachers of the Deaf.

The negotiations for joining FEAPEDA began already last autumn, but at that time the association was in the middle of reorganizing their membership policy and it was not clear yet if or on what conditions KLÕPS could become a member. At the end of last year though it was clear, that our organisation is welcome to join FEAPEDA and so we did (since January 2018).

FEAPDA is an all-European associations of Teachers of the Deaf, founded in 1969. The aim of FEAPDA is to represent and support Teachers of the Deaf by sharing good practice principally through organising a congress hosted by one of the member countries. As in Estonia all the development of the mentioned field is basically lying on the initiative of individuals and/or very small organisations and all the education of the teachers of the Deaf is unorganised on a state level, then becoming a member of FEAPDA is of very important value for us in order to be aware of the general trends in Deaf education in Europe and through that to be able to raise the quality of teaching in our country as well.

Besides KLÕPS, the members of FEAPDA include professional organisations from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxenbourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, Slovenia and Great Britain.

For more information about FEAPDA, please visit http://www.feapda.eu/