An educational day about social development of Deaf children

On the 14th of March in 2017 our association organized a local educational day, where some of the latest research results were presented about the social development of Deaf children and the experience of educating Deaf children in other countries was introduced.20170314_110410-1

Doctor Marek Meristo (picture on the right) from Gothenburg University made an overview about some of the projects on which he has been working with hearing impaired children in Estonia, Sweden, Italy and Great Britain since 2004. These researches focused on the children`s ability to see the world through the eyes of another person and understand, what is the cause of other people`s words and actions. The purpose of these studies was to find out if or how much this kind of social ability is dependent on the children`s language development.

20170314_132539-1-1-1Professor Gary Morgan (on the left picture together with a sign language interpreter) from the London City University focused on the matters, which are essential for academic sucess in the classroom. An overview was given about how to understand the early communication experience and what effect it has to the children`s social and cognitive development.

Thank you to all participants, lecturers, organizers and supporters for an interesting day!

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