About us

The Estonian Association of Teachers of Deaf/Hearing Impaired Children (Kuulmispuudega Laste Õpetajate Selts, KLÕPS) is a non-governmental organisation, which was established on the initiative of active teachers, specialists and other professionals involved in the process of teaching and development of hearing impaired children.

The main aim of the organisation is to promote and improve the education of hearing impaired children as well as unite and represent all groups of interest in the field.

The organisation was officially registered on the 12th of May in 2011 and it was founded with the support of the ESF programme “Üldhariduse pedagoogide kvalifikatsiooni tõstmine 2008-2014“.

KLÕPS is an open and improving organisation, which values cooperation and networking.

In their daily activities KLÕPS follows the Estonian laws and regulations, the statute of the NGO and the general code of ethics for non-governmental organisations (https://heakodanik.ee/vabauhenduste-eetikakoodeks/).